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What is Male Menopause?

You’ve heard about women having hot flashes and other symptoms as they go through the “change of life,” but what about men? The truth is that men’s hormone levels decrease as they age, just as women’s do. Testosterone levels typically peak when men are in their 20s,...

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A Day in the Life (part 7)

A week has passed. I’m sitting in the exam room waiting for the results of my hormone testing. My pulse is racing a mile a minute, and I’m feeling all kinds of symptoms: dizziness, fatigue, aching, headache. It’s like my anxiety and my hormones are playing laser tag...

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A Day in the Life Part 6

Today is my appointment at SottoPelle. I’ve scheduled it over my lunch hour, so I spend the morning stressing about it. When I walk into the office, I quickly fill out the sign-in sheet. Maria is on the phone, her head tilted against the handset in the crook of her...

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Why Do Women Need Testosterone?

We all know that testosterone is an important hormone for men, but did you know that it offers vital health benefits for women as well? Women need much smaller amounts of the masculine hormone, but without it, their health and well-being declines. Here is a look at...

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The Importance of Estrogen

Women today are expected to spend at least a third of their life in their post-menopausal years. Think about that one for a minute! One of the reasons people are living longer is because of improved medical care. But living longer is only great when our quality of...

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