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Dr. Ray Rhodes is originally from Oklahoma and attended the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine and did his residency training in anesthesiology at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX. He served in the U.S. Army Medical Corp in Germany as Assistant Head of the Anesthesia Department and prior to coming to Phoenix, AZ, Dr. Rhodes practiced anesthesiology in Texas and Virginia. Once in Phoenix, he continued practicing anesthesiology at major hospitals with a large portion of his practice in labor and delivery doing epidural anesthesia for ladies in labor. He retired in 1995 from the practice of anesthesiology.

Dr. Rhodes came into contact with SottoPelle® and Dr. Tutera through his wife. He received the pellet therapy and was amazed with the positive results and since then, has joined the SottoPelle® family in providing this service to men and women. Dr. Rhodes builds upon his years of knowledge to include the numerous articles published in medical journals, publications and presentations throughout the country. At SottoPelle®, Dr. Rhodes consults with patients on their overall well-being, by providing excellent humanistic care, quality supplement products and the SottoPelle® Therapy Method.

Practice Approach

SottoPelle® Therapy is based on achieving physiologic hormonal balance - something research has shown is absolutely vital to good health and well-being. Of all the hormone replacement modalities, only pellet therapy can provide this balance 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Even so, many pellet therapies fail to accomplish this. SottoPelle®, on the other hand, offers consistent, effective results based on the many years of application that went into its development. Several important aspects make up its distinctive difference:
- At SottoPelle® we are specialists in bio-identical pellet therapy.
- SottoPelle® uses one of the nation's top compounding pharmacies to ensure the superior quality, purity and meticulous preparation of our hormone pellets.
- SottoPelle® diagnostic methodology is equally precise. It starts with proper testing and accurate analysis of the results, which means that the right dose of hormone can be prescribed for each patient's unique body chemistry. This individualized dosage is key to success.
-SottoPelle® employs a unique insertion technique - another critical component to attaining optimum results.
- SottoPelle® utilizes a proprietary copyrighted dosage and management system

Note From The Doctor

My involvement in bio-identical hormone replacement came in an interesting way. I was an anesthesiologist for 25 years. At no time In medical school or my interaction with numerous obstetricians and gynecologists had I ever heard of bio-identical hormones. One day after I had retired, my wife said to me that the ladies at her beauty shop were talking about SottoPelle® hormone replacement and how wonderful it is. I told her from my medical wisdom how foolish and what a waste of money it would be. She said she wanted to try it because everyone was so enthusiastic about it. She saw Dr. Tutera and told him that I was a doctor and a nonbeliever. He gave her his book and said "Have him read this." I read the book and my reaction was: He can validate everything he says. My question of physicians who don't believe, or promote falsehoods about bio-identical hormone replacement is: Why don't they take the time to adequately inform themselves on the subject. The data is available and the conclusions are clear. Bio-identical hormone therapy is positively life changing and safe. The key word is bio-identical. After getting the bio-identical testosterone replacement myself, I had much more ambition, mental clarity, and energy. My wife suggested that, since I was so enthusiastic about bio-identical hormones, perhaps I could work for Dr. Tutera. I inquired and now have been a SottoPelle® provider for four years. I see this now from three perspectives: First, as a man who has experiences the life changing benefits of bio-identical testosterone replacement; second as a physician who has put out the effort to learn about BHRT, the numerous benefits, the consistency with science and physiology, and the remarkable safety record; third, the perspective of a provider for SottoPelle® who has seen the life changing, the relationship saving, and in some cases life saving benefits of BHRT. Infomercial people cannot make up this stuff. I have been blessed with a second career that allows me to interact personally with my patients, and provide positive changes in their quality of life through BHRT. - Dr Ray Rhodes

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