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Physician Assistant, Stephen Nunn, brings to SottoPelle® a wealth of expertise that includes 37 years of continuous experience as a clinical PA. For 22 of those years, he worked exclusively in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology and infertility. He has been involved in several cutting-edge areas of medicine including being a part of the first successful In Vitro Fertilization program in Arizona. Other aspects of his career have been dedicated to family practice, urgent and emergency care, surgical assisting and on-call services, as well as clinical and consumer product research.

In addition, he brings 11 years of experience in academic medicine from the Arizona School of Health Sciences PA Program where he was a clinical instructor teaching the Ob/Gyn course and a postgraduatecourse in “Physician Assistant Professional Practice Issues.” His professional service background includes having held several state and national leadership positions, Vice Chairman of the Arizona Joint Board on the Regulation of Physician Assistants and speaker at several state and national PA conferences.He earned the designation as a “Distinguished Fellow of the American Academy of Physician Assistants” (DFAAAPA) in 2010 He is a well-versed medical professional in Ob/Gyn and hormone diagnostics and procedures.

Practice Approach

As you may or may not know, SottoPelle® Therapy was created by Gino Tutera MD, FACOG (a board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist) in 2002, but first discovered this method in 1992 and through his own clinical trials and academic research refined the science behind hormone replacement therapy to create SottoPelle® Therapy. During the beginning years of utilizing pellet therapy, he was furthering his knowledge and understanding of how they work. Most importantly he was working on how to individualize the dose for every person. At that time, there were very few in the United States who knew about pellets and how to use them. The initial way to treat patients was to give everyone the same dose regardless of age, size, weight and issues. SottoPelle® Therapy is an all-natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that specializes in the use of subcutaneous testosterone and estradiol pellets. This method was first used in 1937 in England and Australia. Our mission statement is Safe and Effective. The use of biologically identical, non-synthetic, testosterone and estradiol is safe, and the use of pellets as the delivery method provides is effective. The delivery method of pellets allows for the continual release of the hormone - the key to improving brain and muscle function. Other delivery methods result in sporadic, or a "roller coaster," effect in the delivery and release of hormones within the body. These methods include pills, patches, injectables, and creams. Literature shows that the use of pellets and all natural testosterone carries less risk compared to synthetic testosterone. SottoPelle® Therapy uses a science based approach to prescribing (dosing) the patient the appropriate amount of testosterone and/or estradiol based on specific factors about the individual and their blood analysis. The typical male has two insertions per year and the typical female has three or four. The pellets are compounded in a compounding pharmacy subject to strict regulations and are prescribed to the patient. This is not sold over the counter.

Note From The Doctor

Dear Prospective Patient,
Men and women are just living too long! At least that seems to be the case when you look at how many of our "parts" are wearing out or just ceasing to function. In 1910 the life expectancy, in the United States, was 48. Now it's about 88, so we are living an average of 40 more years. Women are now living 1/3 of their lives in the state of menopause and most are silently miserable. The ovary is the only endocrine gland that mainstream medicine ignores when it ceases to function. There are replacement or supplement therapies for the thyroid, pancreas, pituitary, adrenals and oh yes, testicles. All the treatments for those glands are for the rest of your life, yet women are told that they don't need hormonal replacement when their ovaries cease to function. Everyone agrees that quality of life is extremely important, but apparently not when it comes to women and ovarian function. During my 35 years of practice one of the most frustrating aspects was trying to address the concerns and complaints of "hormonally challenged" women. Even at a time when there were no limitations on the length of therapy, there were limitations on the doses to be used. Most women just never really regained their quality of life. When I learned about pellet therapy, I became very excited. This method of delivering hormones had it all: individualized doses and infrequent dosing all guided by laboratory testing; being able to address the full range of patient hormonal complaints; and, without limitation to the length of treatment. Since pellets provide an "on-demand" delivery system, there are varying amounts of hormone absorbed based on heart rate and the prescribed dose. Men are affected too. Even though "andropause" is a recognized disease state with several different types of treatment, they are often inadequate and/or incomplete. Getting pellets 2-3 times a year is a lot less hassle than daily, twice daily, weekly or monthly testosterone treatments. Only pellets provide the "on demand" advantage. So, if you want to be happier and healthier with an improved quality of life and sense of well-being, what are you waiting for?
- Steve Nunn, PA-C

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