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Men don’t usually think about Andropause, what that brings into their life, nor how it affects their relationships. Most simply comment their lack of sexual desire, mental clarity, or physical drive is due to “Well, I’m over 50 years old now…” and not much else. Most have no idea waning Testosterone levels are adversely affecting their lives and their dreams of the future. I had no idea until Dr. Tutera educated my wife and I. Dr. Gino Tutera saved my wife’s life and our marriage. I’ve been a SottoPelle client for several years. I can attest to the remarkable changes it has made in my life. Now, instead of watching others climb mountains, ride motorcycles, or trek the Amazon Jungle I am doing this as if i were 35 years old again. My life has altered dramatically. My mind is clear, my actions quick. My drive propels me into places and events I would have otherwise never experienced. Do I trek the Amazon, ride my BMW 1150 GS Adventure motorcycle and hike the Andes with my wife? I certainly do! She too is a SottoPelle client. Furthermore, we both comprise the core group of a band with six songs receiving worldwide airplay. Our lives are mostly nonstop. This would not have happened without the research of Gino Tutera and his SottoPelle Therapy. What can you expect? It very simple, really… You can expect to feel alive and vital again. You don’t remember how good it feels to feel this good. Read the other reviews. You will quickly see our results are not exceptional. They are the norm. Best Wishes JW executive producer Xpeditions TV.


I cannot imagine life without SottoPelle! As a long time nurse, I am privy to many “insider secrets” of the medical field and healthcare. Rather than choosing to accept my “natural” effects of aging, such as bone density loss, increased risk of cardiac disease, loss of sexual drive, bad skin, bitchiness, loss of hair health… I found Dr. Tutera through months of research and I have been happy ever since! I feel great, my skin and hair look healthy and my hubby never has any complaints about my mood or um, desires! I am so sad that this amazing pioneer has passed on, but I am sure that he did not leave this earth without inspiring other healthcare providers. Thank you, Dr Tutera for all you have done for me and many others-you have certainly earned your wings of gold.


I love SottoPelle. My husband will tell you, “It has given me back my wife and then some.” I was in such bad shape emotionally I thought there was no hope. God led me to this HRT as I was not going to do anything synthetic. The fact that SottoPelle is plant based is so awesome. Dr. Darr is such a blessing to me. It’s affordable too as Dr. Tutera wanted all women to have access to this HRT and not just the elite. I am so grateful.

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