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Father’s Day 2019

Father’s Day is a time to show love and appreciation for all the amazing men we call Dad. I think most would agree that every day is a good day to show our dad’s how much they mean to us. Father’s come in all shapes, sizes, and relationships. Some are biological,...

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Is Everyday a Bad Hair Day?

Everyone loses some hair, but when it becomes excessive it’s important to determine the cause of the loss.  Often this natural process occurs because of hormonal imbalance. Our hormones can be imbalanced due to age, illness or other factors. Speaking to your doctor is important to diagnose the symptom of hair loss and the cause. Many doctors will prescribe the supplements found in our Hair Repair.

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SottoPelle Lifestyle Inspired by CarolAnn Tutera

SottoPelle Lifestyle is dedicated to educating and empowering you at any age.  CarolAnn Tutera has been a long-time advocate and ambassador for aging gracefully. She leads by example with her motivational podcast “Adventures in Aging,” her professional successes as CEO of SottoPelle®, Tutera Medical® plus her devotion to her family.  She is constantly supporting others to find their joy and excitement in life. SottoPelle Lifestyle and the podcast provide enjoyable mediums with great insights on achieving this balance as we age.

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My Gypsy Soul and Moving

“Things in motion stay in motion.” Our emotional, physical and spiritual balance are all related to the law of biology and physics. After being widowed, I found myself in state of change, flux and moving.  In the past, I moved for very different reasons, but now my...

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