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Join over 200 doctors worldwide who are increasing their patient base by offering SottoPelle® hormone therapy.

There has never been a better time to join SottoPelle® in one of the most promising and growing fields in medicine: bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). SottoPelle® has established itself as the industry leader in providing BHRT just as baby boomers are discovering how holistic, natural methods of medicine can improve their quality of life.

Joining SottoPelle® goes beyond just providing physicians with training in hormone therapy. We will also assist you and your practice with a turnkey solutions for treatment and marketing that will make it easy for you to increase your revenue as soon as possible. SottoPelle® is different: our hormone replacement pellets are comprised of the highest quality botanical ingredients, formulated to precisely match the hormones that naturally occur in the body, with no fillers or artificial ingredients. 

Diagnostic training and support

Dr. Gino Tutera has spent the past three decades conducting seminars on his method and training hundreds of physicians throughout the U.S. and the world. Dr. Tutera has now authored three books on the subject and will provide you with the training you need to accurately diagnose and administer BHRT to get your patients feeling younger and healthier. Our lectures will explain all the science of bio-identical hormone therapy as well as all the practical clinical advice you will need to successfully implement it in your practice. 

sottopelle lectures

Patient Management Software

SottoPelle® will provide you with a patented and HIPAA compliant electronic health record that will help you manage your patients and hormonal dosages. This system helps to analyze blood work criteria, demographic information, and personal medical history among other patient specific traits, to accurately dose the amount of pellet hormones needed for each patient. The easy to use software also helps you track pellet orders, patient records and has a dashboard so you can track and manage revenue.

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Digital and Print Marketing

SottoPelle® will support you and your practice with marketing materials for you to hand out to educate your clients on the benefits of bio-identical hormone therapy and the use of pellets to administer them. We also improve your practice’s online visibility by directing potential patients looking for SottoPelle® to your office using our find a doctor feature. With thousands of potential patients searching for doctors each month, we can help you grow your practice.

SottoPelle Marketing Support

Dear Prospective SottoPelle® Physician,

As a physician, it has always been my utmost hope to improve lives and help men and women achieve the quality of living they deserve. SottoPelle® Therapy has helped me do just that. People of all ages now come to me for treatment and rave about how great they feel. I’ve seen some very remarkable results with osteoporosis, heart disease and even with cancer and Parkinson’s disease. It’s amazing to see women and men in their 80s remain healthy, vibrant and alert using my therapy. The countless happy endings I’ve witnessed (including my own and that of my wife) are the ultimate testimony that my therapy can give people back their lives again. Believe me, when I see a woman walk into my office feeling tired, depleted and hopeless, and, after starting her treatment, returns looking transformed, vibrant and alive, it is perhaps the most rewarding moment I’ve experienced as a physician; and it happens time and again. I would like to personally invite you to join us and other physicians from across the United States and around the globe to become a certified SottoPelle® Physician. Feel free to contact us to learn firsthand why SottoPelle® is not only a smart business venture, but I more importantly a valuable gift to your patients who will rediscover the vibrant, quality of life they thought they had left behind.


Dr. Gino Tutera


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