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Hormone Replacement Therapy & Subcutaneous
Hormone Pellets

We know that many of you are wanting to increase your knowledge about pellet therapy, but with the news of COVID 19, and not wanting to travel, we have the answer for you: an Online Educational Course. Want a quicker response? Call us directly 323.986.5100 & press 1

We Have Trained Well Over 1200 Providers Through The Years

As the pioneers in the field of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy since 1993, Dr. Tutera realized the importance of individual patient dosing. Then in 2006 he built the first, original and only patented dosing site for physicians. SottoPelle is based on science with 40 years of HRT expertise, of which 28 of those years specifically with pellet therapy, with proven results.

Dr. Tutera’s Pearls of Wisdom

  • The pellets are the only form of hormone replacement when properly dosed that replicate the protective ratio of estradiol to estrone ratio of 2:1 (Margaret Thom, M.D., 1983)
  • SottoPelle therapy uses pellets from only 503B outsourcing facilities containing estradiol and testosterone biologically in the structure analyzed by an outside pharmacological lab for potency, purity, sterility, and proper dissolution.
  • The dosage has to be individualized to produce the physiologic levels of estradiol and testosterone necessary to produce the beneficial effects on the central nervous systems, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, and produce metabolic normality only seen with pellets.

Together, as a medical team, we can restore human health to its
optimal level and reduce the patient overload currently jamming
our practices. Best of all, we can help prevent disease and save
lives. After all, isn’t that our ultimate mission and purpose in this
profession – “… to do no harm and experience the joy of healing
those who seek our help’?

Gino Tutera M.D. F.A.C.O.G.

The Webinar Courses On

  • The Webinar Courses on Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy contain all the information you need to start a pellet practice.  Like many providers considering BHRT who have attended lectures, spoken with peers and studied the literature, now you too are ready to jump into the field of wanting to implement BHRT into your clinical practice.
  • These courses provide you with the practical and concise information developed by Dr. Gino Tutera, who created the individualized dosing and obtained patents on the only original dosing site.  You will learn how to evaluate your patients and determine the best course of action to balance or replace the much-needed hormones of testosterone and estradiol.  This educational series provides an understanding of how to interpret labs, achieve optimal levels, the pros and cons of other delivery systems, how to dose with the help of our patented dosing site and how to manage any patient you place on pellet therapy correctly.
Easier to use than
others available
No clumsy appointments
mandated to dose
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a dose
Follows Dr. Tutera's
individual dosing methods


New Technology + New
Designs = Greater Ease Of Use

In our quest to constantly innovate, we have reimagined, reinvented, and heavily reinvested in our integrated digital dosing platform.

Joining SottoPelle®

There has never been a better time to join SottoPelle® in one of the most promising and growing fields in medicine: bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). SottoPelle® has established itself as the industry leader in providing BHRT just as baby boomers are discovering how holistic, natural methods of medicine can improve their quality of life.

Joining SottoPelle® goes beyond just providing physicians with training in hormone therapy. We will also assist you and your practice with a turnkey solution for treatment and marketing that will make it easy for you to increase your revenue. SottoPelle® is different: the hormone replacement pellets we use are comprised of the highest quality botanical ingredients, formulated to precisely match the hormones that naturally occur in the body, with no fillers or artificial ingredients.

SottoPelle takes seriously the privacy and security of the personal information we receive from our SottoPelle certified providers. We have dedicated resources and time to a compliance program with safeguards based on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996(HIPAA), the Common Security Framework, and the unique structure of our organization. We are committed to keeping all personal information we receive private and secure.

Online Learning Management System (LMS)

Full Training Program  – 13 Required Modules – 2 Insertion Videos

Upon Login to the Training Portal, trainee has five days to view the material.  Please complete the modules in the order presented.  A series of knowledge-check questions follows the end of each module. 


A full one day course of didactic and observation of insertions
All Trainees will receive a certificate of completion and SottoPelle Certified Provider designation

BHRT Training Includes:

  • Online or Onsite training on methodology, insertion, and didactic training

Learn how the right amount of hormones paired with a simple and safe insertion help keep patients healthy

  • Training workbook to follow along with the Program modules
    • Training materials are sent or provided on the same day we charge for training
  • Corporate support from a variety of departments

SP Certified Provider Maintenance Fees

  • Covers all benefits of becoming a SottoPelle Certified Provider, access to technology, and licensing in office and online
  • Hassle-free automatic montly billing on the first of the month. Covers SottoPelle licensing rights, patents, intellectual property, and trademark protection.


Upon completion of training, we will set up the following online meetings: 

  • Demos to review the Provider Membership Portal and the
    patented dosing site: Dosaggio
  • Front and Back office Training – Free training for your office staff
    to easily implement this treatment to your practice.

SP Certified Provider Benefits:

  • SottoPelle Provider Membership Portal Access to our learning portal, office and patient forms, research articles, marketing hub, and more

Personalized Directory Listing on our SottoPelle website to help boost patient leads and referrals You will be able to edit your directory listing from the Provider Membership Portal.

  • Dedicated account management

For the best customer service and staff support.

  • Access to our patented dosing site: Dosaggio™
  • Provider pricing on supplies and supplements When ordering from SottoPelle includes supp lies, additional marketing materials, supplements, and more!
  • Work directly with our marketing partners

MyWellness by Nature™

Their team works closely with you to build your practice in all aspects, whether you need help with local marketing or want more online visibility.

Marketing Whiz Established1998

Full-service support team designed to take the frustration out of marketing so you can focus on your patients.

  • SottoPelle Certified Provider clickable banner to use on your website
  • Featured Doctor/Provider Blog Posting to help promote your office
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I have been with Tutera for several years now and had my first appointment with Dr. Jeff Dean this week. He was great to work with and one of the most affable doctor I’ve ever gone to. He made the visit fun and his personality was extremely calming.

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